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Our Offices


Founding HQ for CRS, Compass has grown since the business was first established in 2010. Originally housed on 58D High Street, CRS have grown to now own Admiral House, from which the Compass brands operate.

Comprising all elements of the Compass brands – Compass Associates, Compass Executives, Compass Life Sciences, Compass Corporate Services and Carrot Recruitment South; as well as the Back Office team supporting Compass Recruitment Solutions – the Portsmouth office has grown to home more than 70 staff.

Portsmouth is the central point where everyone from CRS meets on a quarterly basis to celebrate the success of the business from the past three months, exploring the city’s most exciting venues.

We can be found at: Compass House, 8a High Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 3BZ.


In October 2013, CRS launched the Manchester office which has developed into the one of the most eclectic, vibrant offices in the CRS portfolio.

Currently based in Spring Gardens, the modern office is based in the heart of Manchester’s Northern district, surrounded by Grade-listed buildings. Home to the Compass Associates, Compass Corporate Services and Carrot Recruitment North brands, the office has grown to in excess of 35 employees since inception.

The team used the services of a renowned street artist to curate a mural showcasing the best of the city, and the wider Compass community.

We can be found at: Northspring, 70 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 2BQ.


Compass Executives’ office opening coincided with the brand launch in 2011. Situated in the heart of Mayfair, the Compass offering is located in close proximity to a number of Private Equity businesses.

The team frequently spend time on-site, meeting Provider and Operator needs, and can be found in the Homes, Hospitals, Schools or Labs, to gain granular knowledge of the business they have been instructed to run a mandate for.

We can be found at: 78 Pall Mall, St. James's, London, SW1Y 5ES.