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Compass Corporate Services

CCS have been responsible for delivering on some of the most critical Corporate Services hires for the independent health and social care sectors in the last year.

The varied nature of Back Office support means the Compass Corporate Services brand are constantly engaging with candidates coming from different backgrounds, owing to the transferable nature of their core skill set. This in turn presents clients with a range of options and ideas which add genuine value to their business long term. CCS are responsible for sourcing in all nine specialist knowledge areas within the Profession Map; Qualified, part-Qualified and Transactional finance professionals; marketeers from all parts of the Marketing Mix; Health & Safety, Property and Facilities Directors; IT and Project or Programme Managers – across the independent Health and Social Care sector.




  1. Human Resources (HR)
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Finance & Accounting
  4. Property & Estates
  5. Intelligence & Analytics