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CRS announces Compass Core Values 2021/22 winners

May 4, 2022

With the 2021/22 financial year having drawn to a close, CRS was able look back over the past twelve months to reflect on our internal Core Values Awards. These were presented at our recent End of Year Conference, giving the opportunity to celebrate the fantastic acts of selflessness, reflecting the culture here at CRS.

What are the Compass Core Value Awards?

The Core Value Awards are based on our brand values and are presented to employees of all Compass brands, based on nominations from employees and recognition for their overall performance. The  Senior Leadership Team then meet to determine the winners of our Core Values Awards.

Unlike last year, the Core Values Awards were able to be presented at our End of Year Conference as we used to pre-pandemic. It was so lovely being able to present these at our End of Year celebrations once again.

The Core Values Awards Category winners

It was a tough decision for the directors to select the winners of each category but the following nominees were selected due to their outstanding contributions to their respective Compass brands and wider business.

Jess Gower & David Jolley pose for photo fore award presentation

Teamwork category WINNER: Jess Gower

The award was presented by Compass Life Sciences Development Director David Jolley on behalf of Compass. Recruitment & Onboarding Coordinator, Jess Gower works within the CRS Business Support team. The senior management team summarised below why Jess was chosen as the Teamwork category winner:

“Over the past year, Jess has exemplified teamwork in every aspect of her role across each of the CRS brands. Jess goes above and beyond to proactively support colleagues, whether that be recruiting for managers internally or developing an adaptable onboarding process for new team members. Jess has proven herself time and time again to be integral to both the business support team and wider business.”

Jon Mondey and Cassie pPay pictured holding the Professional Development CRS Core Values Award

Professional Development category WINNER: Jon Mondey

CRS’ Head of HR, Cassie Pay presented this award on behalf of Compass. Managing Consultant, Jon Mondey works within the Compass Associates’ General Health Division, and the following summarises why Jon was chosen by the Compass Senior Management Team:

“Jon has successfully built a radiography desk from scratch this year, taking it on himself to create and implement a complex qualification process, understand in depth the difference of the market to our other clinical disciplines in general health and create a desk that was replicated by our Manchester Division. His billing in a new desk has been exceptional. This has been recognised with his recent promotion to Managing Consultant in January, Jon has now taken on training responsibility for new consultants within his sub team and is on the path to becoming a manager within the business.”

Lily Bulbeck and Mike Jeffreys pictured holding the Delivery Service CRS Core Values Award

Delivery of Service category WINNER: Lily Bulbeck

One of our founding directors and business co-owner, Mike Jeffreys presented the Delivery of Service Award on behalf of Compass. Principal Consultant, Lily Bulbeck was selected as the winner of this category for the following reasons summarised below:

“Lily’s performance has been nothing short of excellent this year! She has gone from strength to strength achieving 3 strong consecutive quarters on her way to breaking the care home record! However, it’s not all about the numbers as Lily delivers one of the best candidate journeys within the business, setting a great example to colleagues old and new. Additionally, her attention to detail and market knowledge means she takes highly detailed briefs ensuring she is in the best position to deliver a great service, which is fundamental in why Lily has done well this year in only her second full year in recruitment.”

Christian Hannam and Carl Dutton pictured holding the Professionalism & Integrity CRS Core Values Award

Professionalism & Integrity category WINNER: Christian Hannam

The Professionalism & Integrity Award was presented by Compass Associates’ Associate Director, Carl Dutton. The winner of this category was awarded to Managing Consultant, Christian Hannam. The Compass senior management team summarised the below on why Christian was chosen:

“If you look at the call stats and output Christian is never far from the top of these lists. He builds rapport effortlessly with candidates and clients alike, often developing relationships to more than just a recruiter. Christian is fully immersed in his market and can guide clients on their roles to ensure he delivers successfully resulting in plenty of repeat business.”

Lynette Rob and Adam Brenton pictured holding the Entrepreneurial Spirit CRS Core Values Award

Entrepreneurial Spirit category WINNER: Lynette Robb

Compass Associates Associate Director and CCS Managing Director, Adam Brenton presented the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award to the winner. This year, Principal Consultant, Lynette Robb was chosen as the successful nominee to receive this category award:

“With one of the more unique desks in the business crossing over multiple divisions, Lynette has fully immersed herself in a complex market space where she has consistently forged relationships with new and existing clients alike, cementing herself in the process as the ‘go to’ allied health professional recruiter in the North. Not only has her network and industry knowledge translated to a personal best year and Associates’ record fee but also revenue for the wider division through the coordination of projects.”

Ben Brown and Stuart Cousins pictured holding the Flexibility & Adaptability CRS Core Values Award

Flexibility & Adaptability category WINNER: Ben Brown

This category award was presented by Compass Associates’ Associate Director, Stuart Cousins. The Flexbility & Adaptability Award was presented to Divisional Manager, Ben Brown. The below summary explains why Ben was chosen as the winner:

“Ben was one of the first hires into the Compass Life Sciences team and this year deservedly been promoted to Divisional Manager.  In what has been both a team and business build, Ben has had to demonstrate adaptability continually as he has supported a wide range of role types as the business built up its brand, reputation, and client base. It is fitting this year that Ben’s Flexibility and Adaptability has resulted in him working on roles across all of our 6 markets and led him to having a PB year, whilst taking on increasing additional mentoring and management responsibilities.  These attributes are already rubbing off on those around him and he continues to champion this core value across the team!”

Louise Holmes and Sam Leighton-Smith pictured holding the Best Newcomer CRS Core Values Award

Best Newcomer Award WINNER: Louise Holmes

This award was presented by CRS Group Managing Director, Sam Leighton-Smith and was awarded to Compass Associates Consultant, Louise Holmes. Louise was presented this award for the following reasons:

“In a category full of talented newcomers, Louise takes the accolade for a scintillating start to her recruitment career here at Compass. Displaying, listening and learning aptitudes in conjunction with an insatiable work appetite, Louise has managed to hit consistency in her first full two quarters. Records will be broken. A team player and a lovely person to be around Louise is the perfect person to win such a prestigious award!”


A well deserved congratulations to all nominees and winners for all their hard work over the past year!

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