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CRS holds first End of Year Conference in three years

April 27, 2022

CRS were recently able to host our first End of Year Conference in three years. The last conference we held was back in 2019 but due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to delay a significant amount of company events, including our End of Year conferences. Since then, the company has grown exponentially in headcount and also seen the introduction of new Compass brands, alongside refreshing some of our older brands too.

CRS End of Year Conference set up with stand, banners and projector

It’s an exciting time at Compass to reflect on company growth and bring teams from our Manchester, Portsmouth and London Offices and all Compass brands together. Since our last significant event, we’ve seen the introduction of new internal changes, the launch of Compass Life Sciences, the re-launch of CRS from Compass Holding Group, and the introduction of new board members, to name just a few changes.

What is the Compass End of Year Conference?

Traditionally taking place around April marking the end of the previous financial year, it gives the leadership team the opportunity to reflect on the past year and to give transparent, honest feedback to all Compass employees. The event also gives the chance to update the business on future plans.

The conference was a great success! Both founding business co-owners and Directors Sam Leighton-Smith and Chris Russell gave presentations on company growth, updates and how Compass has evolved since its infancy. With the recent introduction of our Financial Director Nick Green, Nick gave a presentation on the work that he is currently undertaking, key projects all Consultants will be able to contribute to, and the financial elements within the business.

We also had a teambuilding exercise consisting of dried spaghetti and marshmallows to see who could build the tallest tower. This was a great way to mix the separate divisions and teams up to give people the opportunity to enjoy working on a project with people that they don’t necessarily work directly with on a daily basis.

An inspiring story from a British Gold Paralympic Medalist

CRS were delighted to have British Gold Paralympic Medalist, Anne Usher (Dickins) attend to present our guest speaker talk. Anne presented her inspiring story on going from an endurance mountain biker to a paralympic gold medalist after suffering a back injury. The moral of her story was having an end goal to focus on and surrounding yourself with positive and talented people to achieve the end goal you have set out to achieve.

Celebrations for a fantastic year at Compass

The evening saw the conference room completely transformed for an evening of fun for all Compass employees. The room was decorated with a chequered dance floor, blue and black feathered centerpieces on cabaret style tables, light up letters, along star cloths and purple uplighting to give a very glitzy themed feel to the evening. Entertainment consisted of a photobooth, the well-known magician Maximilian, a fantastic live band The London Function Band, and a DJ.

Before our two course dinner was served, the senior management team announced our annual Core Values Award winners. Congratulations and well done to all that won or were nominated for the outstanding hard work you’ve put in over the past year!

The day was enjoyed by all who attended and gave all our teams a chance to mingle in a non-work related environment. We can’t wait until our next End of Quarter event and to see what we look back on at next year’s Compass End of Year Conference!

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