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CRS Manchester announce Booth Centre as Charity of the Year!

February 26, 2024

Our CRS Manchester office is delighted to share that the Booth Centre is their Charity of the Year of 2024! 

What is the Booth Centre?

​The Booth Centre is a local community centre run by people affected by homelessness in Manchester. The Booth Centre offers a welcoming environment where individuals can find a sense of belonging, purpose, and the chance to reconstruct their lives.

The Booth Centre initiatives encompass various activities like volunteering, creative endeavours, and sports, alongside providing training and assistance for employment opportunities. Additionally, the Booth Centre aids individuals in enhancing their health and well-being, accessing emergency housing, and attaining and sustaining permanent residency.

Operated in collaboration with attendees, the Centre leverages their skills and insights to effect strategic transformations.

​The Booth Centre is an independent, registered charity (no. 1062674) with no religious or political affiliations.

How the Booth Centre supports the local community

During 2020, the Booth Centre welcomed…

  • Welcomed over 1,180 people affected by homelessness
  • Connected with 700 people remotely during lockdown
  • Provided two hot meals for over 1,180 people
  • Supported 435 people to move into a new house
  • Supported 64 people gain employment
  • Provided activities to build skills and confidence for 371 people
  • 82 people took part in advisory groups to plan, deliver and evaluate the service

How CRS Manchester will support the Booth Centre

CRS Manchester are passionate about giving back to charity and hold a number of events across the year, including a number of in-office charity days (such as our famous bake-offs!) as well as participating in organised events to raise money.

This year, all money raised throughout the year will be donated to The Booth Centre via the Big Give, meaning everything we raise will be match funded!

On top of this, our consultants will each be going on a volunteering day at the Booth Centre where we will support with ensuring the people that use the services get a hot meal, as well as getting involved with some of the day’s activities including drama club, job club and more!

CRS Office Manager (Manchester), Melissa Hoang comments on this

“As Head of Charity for Manchester, I am so excited to be partnering with this fantastic charity! Having recently been on a visit to the centre and meeting with Kate, the Booth Centre’s Deputy CEO, I got a chance to see first hand all of the brilliant work they do at the centre.

It really is clear to see the difference they make to people’s lives, whether this be supporting them with their living situation, health, wellbeing, but also just giving people a space to socialise and relax.

I personally learnt a lot on my visit and I’m already looking forward to going back to volunteer at what I truly believe is an incredible organisation.”

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