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CRS donates Easter Eggs to Queen Alexandra Hospital

April 19, 2022

CRS donates Easter eggs to Shipwreck and Starfish children’s & Adolescents Services Ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

With Easter being a time filled with chocolate eggs, spending time with loved ones and potentially having a long weekend, it’s not always like this for many less fortunate.

In previous years, CRS has bought Easter eggs for every employee within the business as a gesture of goodwill, but this year the board took the decision to donate these to those in need within the local community. This decision was made as part of our community and wellbeing initiatives and with the cost of living increasing, it feels only right to help those in need.

The number of Easter eggs bought matched the headcount within all Compass Offices. This resulted in 92 eggs being bought and then donated on behalf of CRS and all Compass employees.

All 92 eggs were donated to the Shipwreck and Starfish Children’s & Adolescents Services Ward which are based at Queen Alexandra Hospital, located just a stones throwaway from our Portsmouth office. Both the Shipwreck and Starfish Wards are there to support planned and emergency care for children within Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

Cassie Pay, Head of HR at CRS commented on this decision:

“In the past each employee has received an easter egg this time of year. This year however, there has been a change of plan.

In the spirit of giving back, and in line with our new community and wellbeing strategy, CRS have donated these eggs (one for every employee) to the children and staff of the Shipwreck and Starfish Children’s & Adolescents Services Ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

It was lovely to see the impact such a small gesture can make to those going through such a difficult time!”


CRS Easter Eggs donated to Queen Alexandra Hospital

Some of the eggs that were collected to be donated to Queen Alexandra Hospital’s Children & Adolescent Services Wards

Upon receiving the Easter Egg donation, Queen Alexandra Hospital responded:

“Thank you for the lovely Easter Eggs that you donated to us. They were given out to each ward and our CAU department all over the Easter period!”

Donating all of these Easter Eggs to a cause such as a Shipwreck and Starfish Wards at our local hospital, not only helps benefits the local community, but also supports industries that we specialise in and causes close to our hearts.

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